Edwin Bomer

Geoscience Manager

Edwin Bomer is the Geoscience Manager for Headington Energy Partners, LLC in Corpus Christi, Texas. Edwin principally explores and develops core HEP-operated properties in Kenedy County, Texas, and he reviews business development opportunities across the Company. His prior experience was with Exxon, working South Texas development, near-field exploration, business analysis and managing a development team in Exxon’s Malaysia affiliate.

Before leaving Exxon, he coordinated the 3-D Seismic Interpretation School at Exxon Production Research. Edwin began interpreting one of Exxon’s first 3-D seismic surveys in 1988, honing his expertise with his variety of assignments, advancing the development of interpretation techniques and working with the evolving technology. Edwin brings 25 years of seismic interpretation experience to the complex geology of South Texas and business acumen to his analysis of opportunities.

Edwin is a longstanding member of AAPG, SEG, and the Corpus Christi Geological Society. Edwin holds an A.B. from Occidental College (1982) and M.S. from the University of Southern California (1985) with a master’s thesis on sedimentology.