Will Graham


Will Graham is a Geoscientist in the Corpus Christi office and is principally responsible for managing formation evaluation operations and log data for full integration with 3-D seismic exploration and production in South Texas.

Having conducted an undergraduate project with Headington in 2013 and upon his graduation with Bachelor of Science in Geology from Texas A&M Corpus Christi, Will worked as a contract geologist on a wide variety of assignments involving South Texas and Permian assets.  He joined Headington full-time in 2014 and has coordinated well logging operations, formation evaluation, and reserves assessment in our South Texas deep-gas drilling campaign.  As our operations geologist, Will excels at highly-detailed integration of well results with seismic interpretations at many scales – from guiding drilling decisions to conducting exploration.

Will is an active member of AAPG and SEG.  He is also a member of geological societies in Corpus Christi (CCGS, CBGS) Midland (WTGS), and San Antonio (STGS).