Ownership Change Information

Please include the following with all written correspondence:

  • Owner number(s)
  • Social Security/Tax Identification number
  • Daytime phone number

Ownership Change due to death of an owner:

Please send copies of the following documents to division_orders@headingtonenergy.com or mail to the address below.

Headington Energy Partners LLC
Attn: Division Orders
1700 N Redbud Blvd, Suite 400 
McKinney, TX 75069

If the owner died testate (with a will) and an Executor is to act for the estate, please provide:

  1. Recorded Death Certificate
  2. Last Will and Testament
  3. Letters Testamentary and/or Letters of Administration
  4. Copy of the recorded Order Admitting the Will to Probate

If the owner died intestate (without a will) or if the will is not probated, please provide:

  1. Recorded Death Certificate
  2. Completed Affidavit of Heirship (filed in the in the County where the property is located). This Affidavit must be completed by a disinterested party familiar with the family history and signed in the presence of a Notary Public.

Transfer of Interest due to Conveyance:

Please provide copies of the following:

  1. Assignment or deed document of conveyance that has been recorded in the county and state where the minerals reside. 
  2. Social security number of new payee, address and daytime telephone number.